Treehouse is a wonderful resource for developers at any level. They offer courses on many languages, such as WordPress, Java, HTML, and AJAX. There is a small subscription fee of $20 per month, but you have access to any course that they have available. Thousands of hours of tutorials are at your disposal. It’s doubtful you could go through them all in a month, but if you were determined to, you could get through a ton of material for a relatively low price. If you really can’t afford it, then you can refer five friends and get your entire service for free. They have multiple instructors to cater to whatever style of learning you enjoy. I also like that they have a built-in IDE, so you don’t have to own very many programs or possibly none at all. For languages such as Objective-C or Swift, you do need a Mac to run xCode, which is the only pitfall I foresee for some users. Lastly, the tutorials are fun and useful programs that you can use as a foundation for software of your own in the future, which is a nice benefit.


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