Short Notice Syndrome and Social Degradation

Are you always getting told about a birthday party or wedding or whatever at the last-minute? You may have short notice syndrome.

Why do people feel like they don’t have to give you any notice for events, anymore? Is it because social media makes them apparent enough that people think, “oh, hey, you must have seen I have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks on Facebook,” or is it a generational thing, where they’re just inviting you to be polite, but did it at the last-minute because they know you need more notice and won’t be able to make it? Or is it more personal than that; is it me?

I’m starting to believe that it’s the latter. For a friend’s child’s birthday party, they probably at least knew the day they were planning on having it, a couple of weeks in advance. Maybe the time was iffy, but workable. If I know a party for a small child is on a certain day, I can presumably set aside a small chunk of my afternoon, since that’s when they tend to be (before the child gets tired and cranky). I imagine that their family members knew about it in advance, probably a week or so. When do you think I get told? That’s right, the day before! I’ve calmed down, but it really aggravated me at first. I’m not saying this stuff to put people on blast. It’s just to bring about an awareness of societal courtesies and to express my feelings in the best ways I know how.

Who knows, maybe they did just throw this shindig together the day before, and maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions? I wouldn’t put it past them and they both think I’m an a**hole (it’s been expressed). Except the problem is, it’s not just this particular couple that pulls this on me, it’s an overwhelming amount of people. About the only person that doesn’t do it, is my mother. She’s all about advanced notice and has a strong sense of propriety. That’s what leads me to think it might just be generational. At least until I think about a particular family member (same generation as her) who will literally tell me about something a couple of hours beforehand. At which point, I feel an obligation to deny the request, just on principle. That short of notice is absurd, unless it’s a purely spontaneous event, but that should be made aware. I’m down for spontaneity in moderation or a good surprise. Hell, I love surprises! Just communicate that to me.

All I know is that the more it happens to me, the more reclusive I become and then I’m sure people wonder why I never come to any parties or whatever hoopla is going on. In the computer world, we call it graceful degradation. Eventually I won’t have to worry about getting short notices because I won’t get invited at all. I’m not sure what the takeaway from this post is. It’s more of just a rant. Maybe people think similarly about me, considering I never invite anybody to anything. I don’t believe in celebrations. Muahahahahaha!!!!


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